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An Affordable, Private, Christian School in Haywood County, NC

Bethel Christian Academy

 A Quality Education in a Christian Environment

Our Philosophy

Bethel Christian Academy is a private, Christian school located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Our school has been in operation for 25 years.  We endeavor to teach our students from a Christian world view. Since God's truth is revealed in the scripture, we integrate the truth of Scriptural learning in all subject matter. We aspire toward academic excellence and conduct that is honoring to God in an attempt to love Him with all of our hearts, souls, and minds. We work to produce character development in our students as we strive for these goals in our students.

  •  Students with a love of learning 
  •  Students who desire to bring glory to God 
  •  Students with an attitude of service 
  •  Students with a heart to lead others 
  •  Students with  a desire to be all that God has called them to be
  •  Students who have realized all of their God-given potential in every area of study
  •  Students who display Christ-like character
  •  Students prepared to meet academic requirements of higher education
  •  Students prepared to take their place in our world and to be on mission for our Savior

        Our vision for each of our students is that they will love God and love others. We strive to prepare our students for                                a greater purpose. We want to assist parents in the teaching and training of these students. We also desire to provide an                       affordable, quality education in a Christian environment.