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An Affordable, Private, Christian School in Haywood County, NC

Bethel Christian Academy

 A Quality Education in a Christian Environment

                                                                     Middle and High School

Bethel Christian Academy strives to make studies interactive, effective, exciting and  to develop a love of learning in our students. All of our studies are Biblically based. A variety of hands-on learning activities,  individualized lessons, creative , and traditional learning styles are strategies used to make the learning experience a success for our students. We also understand that  learning is not always inside a classroom, so  activities to reinforce our teaching are planned. As we strive to teach the students to love and seek God, we also want to build a love for others in each student. Many service projects and mission opportunities are a part of our school experience. We strive to see our students realize all of their God-given potential in every area of study, display Christlike behavior, have a fully developed Christian worldview, get along well with others,  and have a respect for all in authority. We want our students to be prepared to meet the academic requirements of higher education and to have a sense of mission for our world. Curriculums that we use are Saxon, Apologia, Abeka and Bob Jones.