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Bethel Christian Academy Childcare Center

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Welcome to Bethel Christian Academy's Childcare Center!

In our center we understand that the first five years of a child's life are the most important,they help build a base for higher learning. Giving children many experiences combines with a Christ centered environment gives children a strong foundation in life. At Bethel Christian Academy we know that, so we strive to offer a well-rounded Christian environment with many different experiences. Inside and outside we fill children's days with ways to explore and learn through play. We offer love and understanding of what helps children learn and grow.

We have six classrooms in our childcare center. We enroll children 6 weeks up to 5 years. We accept subsidy as well as private pay. Below is an introduction to each of the classrooms. 

                                                    Our rates are as follows:

Pre-Kindergarten- $500 per month

We charge a one time $50 registration fee for each child.

We also charge a YEARLY $100 Book Fee/ Curriculum Fee for Pre-K 3 & 4 yo. students.

The Two year Old Room-  In the Two year old Room we offer Blocks, Books, Dramatic Play, Music and Movement, Science, Math, Art, Manipulatives, and Sensory Centers Daily for children to explore an play in. Potty training is offered and encouraged when the child is developmentally ready and the family is ready.
Three Year Old Room-
Our Three year old class has all of the Centers described above in the Two year old room daily. In addition, our Three year olds are offered Chapel, Library, and Reading Buddies weekly and cooking monthly. Three year olds are working on social and emotional skills as well as exploring their world and our Three year old environment gives them the opportunity  to develop those skills.

Pre-Kindergarten Class-

Breakfast , Lunch, and Snacks-
We only serve the most nutritious meals possible for growing bodies and minds. Whole grain breads and pastas, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh meats are served daily. Meals are planned and balanced with little tummies in mind. Different fruits and veggies and culturally diverse meals, ensure that children have a chance to open up their pallets to new taste experiences.

Outdoor Classroom (aka- Playground)-  We are currently working on the Playground and it is coming along quite nicely. Here is a list of all of the areas that we offer and plan to offer in our outdoor classroom:
Mud Kitchen
Track with Cars and bikes
Dramatic Play (Houses, Produce Stand, Car Wash, Gas Station, and Church.)
Blocks / Building ( "Loose Parts")
Slide, Swings, balancing posts, Sand Table, Water Play, Truck Trench, Art, Science, Music, and Math.